Help support California’s frontline healthcare workers and first responders

Our goal is to provide short-term free mental health services to the people risking their lives to protect and care for us during the outbreak.
How it works

Step 1

Create your profile (<5 min)
Tell us a bit about you and your practice (or provide a url). You can delete your account at any time.

Step 2

Patient selects you
Be on the lookout for calls or emails from participating patients.

Step 3

Deliver care
Provide short term pro bono services (see FAQ for details).

This project is a collaborative effort of California’s licensed mental health professionals to provide support to health professionals, first responders and essential workers on the front lines fighting the COVID pandemic.

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
California Psychiatric Association
California Psychological Association
National Association of Social Workers – California Chapter
Frequently Asked Questions
Who do we aim to serve?

Our outreach is focused on healthcare workers and first responders impacted by COVID-19. These include nurses, doctors, hospital & urgent care staff, providers of home health services, paramedics, and social workers and therapists based in hospital and residential care settings.
If I sign up, what can I expect?

Patients who reach out may be looking for emotional support, interim clinical care (e.g., while they wait for the next available appointment through their healthcare provider), or ongoing treatment. This service is not intended as a referral service for providers attempting to build their practice. Patients in urgent crisis will be directed to crisis hotlines, not to our volunteer clinicians.
Who can volunteer?

Volunteering is limited to licensed providers (LCSWs, LMFTs, LPCCs, Psychiatrists and Psychologists) ONLY. Pre-licensed individuals and individuals with inactive licenses are not included in this registry, but we encourage you to volunteer for Californians for All.
How many pro bono sessions should I provide?

We are asking that participating providers offer at least the first two sessions pro bono. Nothing prevents you from providing as many pro bono sessions as you deem appropriate. It may be the case that as little as 1 or 2 sessions is adequate to provide some extra support during this extremely challenging time. However, other patients will require additional care, and for some, ongoing treatment will be indicated. We are not expecting providers to offer pro bono sessions indefinitely. If a patient does appear to require ongoing care, please either refer for additional services, or, if deemed appropriate, accept them into your practice.
What if I am no longer able to offer pro bono care?

You may temporarily disable your account or delete it at any time.
What if a patient needs ongoing treatment?

If a patient needs ongoing treatment, you should feel free to refer out or accept them into your practice. You are not expected to offer pro bono or reduced rates indefinitely.
What if the patient has insurance?

In order to reduce barriers to care to an absolute minimum, the expectation for providers participating in this program is that at least the first two sessions will be pro bono and not involve payment or engage insurance benefits. If the patient requires care beyond the initial two sessions and has insurance, then an agreement which involves an insurer or health service plan should be discussed with the patient.
Is care provided through telehealth exclusively?

Until official guidance suggests otherwise, we expect that providers will be conducting appointments via telehealth (either audio only or video-based depending on the technical capacity and preferences of the patient).
Which telehealth platform should I use?

Please use the platform of your choice here is a helpful site for you to compare different ones:
Should I use my standard intake forms?

No participating clinician is expected to depart from their standard practice, other than to offer initial sessions pro bono. If you generally request that patients complete intake forms, you should feel free to do so with patients who find you through this program. However, please be aware that many patients may not need or be looking for treatment of a diagnosable clinical condition, but instead may be seeking emotional support from a compassionate, trained listener, during this stressful time. Also be aware that many of these patients have very little time to focus on their own self-care so be mindful of what you are asking them to provide prior to meeting.
Is there any liability?

If you are licensed to practice in California your existing liability insurance should cover this treatment. Enrollment includes a statement “I am attesting that I am licensed to provide psychotherapy in California, that I currently practice with the necessary liability insurance and in keeping with professional and ethical principles as well as all relevant regulations.” If you have questions about liability generally, we suggest you reach out to your malpractice carrier directly.
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